It was a perfect 71 degrees on the valley floor on Wednesday. So my friend Tom Roberge decided to take a "leisurely" ride in the morning up to Great Angel Cabin along the slopes of Mt. Washington... accidentally, twice.

On his first, intentional trip, he snapped some lovely photos. This one was of "The Flats" lupine.

Tom Roberge

This photo was a view of the cloud-covered summit from the Angel hut.

Tom Roberge

In his trail map recap, Roberge noted, "there's a lot of ups on the way down." A mantra for life, as it were.

Probably some of the "ups" were because of the wrong turn he made only 500 feet from the base of the yellow trail. His #UnintentionalSecondSummit is denoted in red on Great Glen's trail map below, turning right at #2 into Geepers and Bellow's Loops, crossing the original yellow trail (again, 500 feet from his finish line) and proceeding back up the mountain (could these be the "ups" he mentioned?) via Clementine's Wash and almost all the way through the Dragon Corridor before declaring, "Man, I'm back at the Hut!"

Great Glen Trails

At least if was a balmy 50 degrees for the episode, nigh a sweat was broken. Another reminder that even the most experienced outdoors-people run into the unexpected. Be prepared for the White Mountains!

Tom Roberge