I was a guest at McDonalds for the roll out of their new "Signature Series" of sandwiches.

Dave Winsor

The folks at McDonalds did a great job staging this event.  I was hungry and skeptical.

We started with salad.  It was good, but I was really hungry so I inhaled this.

Take a look at the menu above.  Notice all the combinations.  You choose a topping, then the meat, then the bun.  There are 18 ways to configure.  I chose the Artisan bun, with BBQ and Crispy Chicken.  It was  really good.

I couldn't help myself and took a bite, THEN I remembered to take a photo.  Told you I was hungry.  One note, if you take this to go, find a place where you won't need to drive because it's loaded.  Oh yeah, can't forget these......

Dave Winsor

My next visit will be guacamole chicken sesame bun.  See how easy that was!

What would you choose?