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Sara Evans is making her brilliant return to country music! She is done being quiet and is ready to take her rightful spot back in country music. Sara went through a tumultuous divorce, and seemed to have lost herself. That has all changed! She is coming back with a new album on July 21st called 'Words'. In a recent interview, Sara says this about her new music:

"When I'm listening to a song, it's the lyrics and the stories they tell that matter most to me. Not only is 'Words' the title to one of the songs on my album, but in listening to new music for the record, I was always looking for lyrics that moved me and expressed a powerful range of emotions. Women are natural storytellers and I'm proud to have so many amazing female songwriters represented on this record."

Let's take a listen to her first single from the new album called 'Marquee Sign', and let me know what you think. You can also hear it tonight with Annie at 6:15p on air.