All this week I will be sharing with you the AMAZING adventure I had boarding the CAT Ferry right here in Portland, bringing me to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. And, I’ll be tempting YOU to take this trip for yourself, because it is life changing! 

After arriving in NS on The CAT Ferry, last Sunday was such a wild day! My sight seeing was in full force on Sunday, and next up; downtown Yarmouth, NS to check out some historical sites, a beautiful park and some YUMMY beer!

There is a stunning and calming park right in downtown Yarmouth that feels like a wonderland to walk through. Mayor Pam Mood joined us as well! She tells you exactly WHAT to do when you are in Yarmouth here! Such a hoot!

103.7 The Peak

In downtown there is a revitalization happening to restore some of the gorgeous Captain's Quarters homes. This project has taken millions of dollars, and still is a work in progress. But, the work put in so far is astonishing! These homes now stand out in Yarmouth and a must see tour.

Then, we headed right over to Heritage Brewing Co. to do a taste testing of their latest concoctions! And, of course to let loose a bit! They were the nicest and most creative guys. CHEERS

My adventure continues in downtown Yarmouth, NS! Next up, the ridiculous 4 course meal we enjoyed at Sip Cafe, and saying goodbye to board the CAT home!