All this week I will be sharing with you the AMAZING adventure I had boarding the CAT Ferry right here in Portland, bringing me to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. And, I’ll be tempting YOU to take this trip for yourself, because it is life changing! 

Woke up bright an early at the Ye Olde Argyler Lodge in Yarmouth, NS and hit the road. First stop on the tour was Le Village Historique Acadien in Pubnico, NS. Translation: Historic Village of Acadia. This was an area of land where some of the oldest homes in NS have been moved to, and their are actual actors inside them showing how people survived and lived in the early 1900s. So beautiful, educational, and cool!


We were greeted with a warm, yummy welcome in the first home by Roseann who had just cooked up some fresh Molasses cookies. BEST COOKIE EVER! Make them yourself with this Acadia originally recipe.

103.7 The Peak

Xander from our sister station 94.3 WCYY took a turn playing this antique air piano! Can you guess the song he was trying to play?

We also got an interesting lesson from the Black Smith. And learned that back in the day, the Black Smith was a very powerful man in the village.

Now onto Dennis Point Pier, one of the busiest for lobstering and fisherman. Our Tour guide Calvin surprised us with a rare blue lobster in his trap!

Then on to lunch to enjoy a classic Nova Scotia Dish, Rappi at the Dennis Point Pier Cafe! 


Tomorrow my adventure of downtown Nova Scotia! Exploring Frost Park and the historic Captain's Quarters homes that are so stunning! 

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